Mindhunter Episode 4

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Mindhunter Episode 4 Recap

The episode begins with Agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench interviewing their second serial killer, the boyish Monte Rissell, who raped and murdered five women before he was finally caught. Rissell is amused at the thought of being interviewed. As he reveals an adolescence full of neglect from his mother and stepfather, and doctors trying to fix his behaviour, Rissell talks about the first woman he killed. After getting a letter from his girlfriend, who had recently left for college, in which she breaks up with him. Rissell then drives to her campus to see her in the arms of another man. He takes out his rage, not on his ex, but by raping and murdering a prostitute. His careful, almost arrogant delivery of this strikes Bill as fake, warning Ford not to buy everything that Rissell is selling.

After the interview Ford and Tench are involved in a car accident on their way back home. While nether are seriously injured, the incident unnerves Bill to the point where he opens up to Ford about the problems in his personal life. Bill has a foster son who is unable to speak, or communicate with Bill and his wife Nancy. This has out a huge strain on the marriage leaving Bill feeling inadequate as a father and a husband.

Back at Quantico, Dr Carr has a different view n Rissell’s interview. Listening to the tapes Dr Carr points out that Rissell responds to what she calls “stressors” during his kills. These include the letter sent from his girlfriend in which she breaks up with hgim, and the compliance of the prostitute that made him feel as if he wasn’t in control of the situation. This leads Carr to propose that the victim’s actions were just as important as Rissell’s and that she may have contributed, indirectly, to her death. This points to a methodology that as completely different to Ed Kemper’s.

During the second interview it is revealed that Rissel has an unexpected view on his crimes. He see’s himself as a victim of his upbringing, believing that his life went wrong as soon as his mother took him away from his father.

During another Road School the agents are brought into another local investigation by a detective named Ocasek in Pennsylvania. The agents dive straight into the case, in which a 22 year old babysitter named Beverly was found murdered and mutilated in the town scrapyard. Despite the fact that the man who found Beverley has a shaky story, and a known penchant for young blondes, the agents hit a dead end. The next stop is Beverley’s fiancé who is currently out of town.

As Rissell’s interview is bearing fruit, Dr Carr is annoyed at Ford and Tench’s involvement in the Pennsylvania case as she thinks they should be interviewing serial killers full-time. The episode ends with all three being called into Shepard’s office. Expecting to be pulled up yet again, Shepard angrily informs them that their “secret” research has attracted grant money from various academic sources. Their study is now legitimized.