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Mindhunter Episode 5 Recap

The episode begins with agent’s Holden Ford and Bill Tench back in Atloona, Pennsylvania investigating the murder and mutilation of Beverley Jean. Detective Ocasek brings them to Beverley’s fiancé’s house, Benjamin “Benji” Barnwright. Going against the agent’s advice, Ocasek has given Benjamin prior notice that they will be coming by as it seemed polite. During the interview, in which Benjamin cries for most of it, he tells the agents that his childhood was hard, and that he was a virgin before he was engaged to Beverley.

After they leave, Bill is unsettled by Benjamin’s show of emotion and questions whether it’s authentic. Bill also suggests that the killer had to be a local, as drifters would be more likely to hitchhike to nearby cities, and they wouldn’t know where the town dump was located.

Bill and Holden briefly stop back at Quantico where Dr Car unveils a draft of set questions that the agents could use in their interviews with killers. The questions are tailored by Carr to focus on the perp’s family history and their specific thoughts before, during, and after committing their crimes. She also explains that the reason for these questions is so that the study has definable data.

Dr Carr also shares her views on the Altoona case, responding to Bill’s assertion that Benjamin’s sadness seemed hostile. Dr Carr informs them that psychopaths are skilled at faking emotional responses, making them masters of manipulation in order to gain power over their environment. Carr also suggests that if Beverley Jean was more sexually experienced than Benjamin he might find that threatening, Later Holden and Debbie share a brief scene in which Holden, feeling a little threatened himself, asks Debbie how many guys she has had sex with. Debbie refuses to answer, leaving Ford to imagine.

Back in Atloona another man becomes a potential suspect: Benjamin’s brother-in-law Frank Janderman. It turns out that Frank has been institutionalised in the past for violent behaviour against women, and admits to the agents that he has had anger management problems in the past. During the interview, Frank also says that Benjamin was exaggerating when he called Beverley his fiancé.

The agents and Ocasek then interview Rose- Frank’s wife and Benjamin’s sister, who confirms Frank’s alibi, and also confirms that Benjamin thought that Beverley was giving him the run-around. Ocasek, who is learning that his town isn’t as wholesome as he always thought, suspects that Rose is holding back, and tells her that he can help.

Ocasek turns out to be right as Rose comes by the station with new information: information that she will give if they can guarantee the safety of her baby. Frank alibi was a lie, as Benjamin called him on the night that Beverley disappeared and begged him to come over. One Frank leaves he calls Rose and asks her to come to Benjamin’s house, and to bring cleaning supplies.

Once she arrives, forgetting the supplies, Frank tells her that “something’s happened”. He tells her that Benji got mad at Beverley and hit her, and that they had to stick by him and “help him out of this.” Entering her brother’s bathroom, Rose see’s Benjamin crying, and Beverley dead in the bathtub. The men then disposed of Beverley’s body while Rose cleaned up all the blood.