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Mindhunter Episode 3 Recap

Seeking a second opinion on their research, especially the interview with Ed Kemper Agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench from Dr Wendy Carr, a renowned psychologist who’s writing a book about white-collar crime and the psychopaths who perpetrate it. Given that serial (or sequence as their known in the show) killers have many of the same personality traits as psychopaths, such as a lack of remorse or empathy, Dr Carr thinks that Ford and Tench’s research could lead to a significant investigative, and academic breakthrough in the field of criminal psychology. She also informs both agents that they have to commit more than ten hours a week, and that the study could take at least four or five years to complete: something that excites Ford, and overwhelms Tench.

Ford and Tench compile a road map of incarcerated serial killers that they could interview. During this they get a call concerning the Sacramento case: another attack on an old woman and her dog, this time fatal. In Sacramento, the agents begin refining their profile of the perp. Instead of a teenager, they now think the perp is a white male in his late 20s to early 40s, “physically mature, emotionally immature.” This description reminds the detective of a man named Dwight Taylor who was extremely interested in the case.

The detective and the agents then go to Dwight’s house, which is actually his mothers house: a squalid place in which Dwight sleeps on his mother’s couch. Taking Dwight outside, away from his disapproving mother, the agents begin a sly interrogation, in which they find out that Dwight got his 20-year old girlfriend pregnant. When his m other found out she told the girlfriends parents and they made her get an abortion. Dwight also tells them about his mother’s dog, and that her boyfriend is currently staying there as well. Most telling is the scratches that Dwight has on his arms. After Dwight’s arrest, Ford and Tench celebrate with the Sacramento PD, as they are toasted as the modern-day Holmes and Watson.

Since the agents are in Sacramento they take the opportunity to visit Ed Kemper again. With each interview Ed reveals more about his methods and motives. He describes, with chilling poise, that he put his mother’s vocal cords down the garbage disposal because she wouldn’t shut up.

On the plane home, Tench tells Ford that he is thinking about what Dr Carr told them, and that he wants to invite her to Quantico to strategize on ways to move forward with the research. After a kinky night with Debbie, Ford has certain words, like dildo and fellatio, struck from the FBI list of deviant terms. The episode ends with Ford and Tench welcoming Dr Carr to the FBI’s headquarters.