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Mindhunter Episode 2 Recap

The episode begins with agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench in California as they continue their road school duties. Ford feels that the next step in his quest to understand the criminal mind better is to interview a serial killer. At first, he wants to talk to Charles Manson, except Manson ia too high profile. Luckily, one opf the Californian detectives recommends that Ford meet Ed Kemper, the Co-Ed Killer. Before turning himself into the [police, Kemper raped and murdered women, including his own mother.

Despite Bill’s doubts and decides to go golfing instead. Ford goes ahead and meets with Kemper, without his superior’s knowledge. After signing a waiver that says the prison isn’t accountable if Ed kills Ford, he finally comes face to face with Kemper.

Kemper, standing nearly six and a half feet, and weighing over 300 pounds, is deceptively polite and accommodating to Ford. Apparently, he is polite and well thought of by the guards. From the beginning Kemper is the more comfortable of the two men, even going as far as getting a sandwich for a noticeably tense Ford.

As the interview progresses Ford finds out that Ed sees his crimes as his oeuvre, as art, and that raping and killing those women, along with disposing of their bodies and evading the police was hard work. From this information Ford refers to Ed as a “sequence killer”: a name that served as a place-holder, or first attempt of Ford’s to understand what Kemper does. After this interview it becomes clear that Ford can’t get Kemper out of his head, even ordering an “Ed-salad sandwich” when he’s out with Debbie.

Ford decides to interview Ed again, against Bill’s wishes, and uses some tips from Debbie to get Ed to open up. This includes some blunt talk about sex, which, to Ford’s barley contained horror, works to well on Ed. Ed begins to open up about his mother, how she worked with co-eds, and how she treated him badly. He also, describes to Ford, using Ford’s neck as an example, how he had sex with one of his victim’s severed heads. Unsurprisingly, this leaves Ford feeling quite tense, but nonetheless, making progress.

After an extended, and very stylish, travel montage, Ford and Bill find themselves roped into an investigation as they help a Sacramento detective with a recent assault. An old woman was badly beaten, and her dog killed. After regaining consciousness, the woman can only recall that the perpetrator smelled bad. This leads Ford and Bill to guess that the perp may be a local teenager, and the police have a suspect that may fit that mould.

Thanks to the investigation, ford and Bill are stuck in California for the weekend, so Ford suggests that Bill come and see Kemper: mainly to convince Bill that he isn’t being manipulated by Kemper. The interview goes as expected, as Ed opens up about how he murdered his mother. Through this Bill acknowledges that Ford is on to something big, but that they should tell Shepard, their boss. After being pulled up for the Sacramento investigation, Ford decides to tell Shepard about Kemper. With support from Bill, Shepard agrees that Bill and Ford can continue their work under two conditions: they keep it secret, and they work in the Quantico basement.